Arcade Building Renovation

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Balconies on the Arcade Building
SS Cable Rail on Roof Terrace
St. Louis from the Arcade Building
Unit Stairs

Project Name: Arcade Building Renovation, 800 Olive Street

Customer: Paric Corporation

Fabricator Structural:  Snyder Engineering

Fabricator Miscellaneous:  LaSalle Iron Works

Engineering: KPFF Consulting Engineers

Scope: Material, fabrication, engineering & installation for a 10-story renovation project in downtown St. Louis.

Project Description:  The Arcade Building itself is really two separate buildings: the Wright Building built in 1906, and the Arcade Building, built in 1913, which essentially wrapped around the existing Wright Building. The Arcade was once declared to be the world’s tallest reinforced concrete building. Because it was built during World War I, it has a reinforced concrete frame, as most of the nation’s steel production was diverted to military use at that time.

On this project Acme was engaged by Paric Corp. to provide total steel package services which included sequencing, detailing, connection design, fabrication, and installation. Our scope included infills, opening frames, canopies, mezzanines, and stair systems. A few of the more complex challenges on the project involved removing two interior columns on the 1st floor and re-supporting the structure above with site assembled trusses. These trusses were 46’ long and 16’ tall. Assembling the trusses on-site was completed utilizing access holes cut in the floor slab on the 2nd floor.

Another challenging element was the structural reinforcement required as part of the repurposing of the lower floors into a parking garage. Structural weldments were added at 45 existing columns to reinforce the existing concrete floor system. These weldments attached to the existing concrete columns using Hilti’s HDA Undercut anchors.

Further, We were challenged with the repair of existing bronze handrail on site and fabricating and installing new bronze railing to match.

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