2220 Mason Lane

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220 Mason Lane
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2200 Mason 11
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2200 Mason 13

Project Name: 2220 Mason Lane

Customer: Tieber Construction, St. Louis, MO

Fabricator: Commercial Fabrication, St. Peters, MO

Scope: Office and shop renovation (furnished and installed by Acme)

Project Description:  Acme is erecting a new one-story building, framing the existing building with steel and tying the new steel structure to the original masonry structure. Additionally, Acme is adding a new mezzanine in the existing shop structure.

At completion, Acme will have installed 11 columns and 11 beams with perimeter angle for the new office building; as well as bar joists, steel decking and a mezzanine with a new pan tread staircase in the new warehouse.

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