Here are a few of the jobs recently awarded to Acme Erectors:

Cogent Building Addition

  • 8,200 sf. pre-engineered building addition in Fenton, MO
  • GC:  R.V. Wagner Construction
  • Owner:  Cogent, Inc.

QuikTrip Gen 3 Convenience Stores

  • Erection of structural and miscellaneous steel for the new Gen 3 stores at store numbers 629, 647, and 665 in St. Louis, MO
  • GC:  Various
  • Owner:  QuikTrip

Six Mile Regional Library

  • Installation of structural and miscellaneous steel as part of a historic building renovation in Granite City, IL
  • GC:  Korte Luitjohan Contractors, Inc.
  • Owner:  Granite City, IL

Monsanto P Building Renovation

  • Fabrication and Installation of miscellaneous steel for new openings in walls and roof
  • GC:  RPA Construction
  • Fabricator: Imperial Ornamental Metal
  • Owner:  Monsanto

Taubman Prestige Outlet Chesterfield – Nadoz Cafe Space and RTU & Screenwall

  • Materials and installation of over a 100 ft. screen wall and RTU frames in Chesterfield, MO
  • Fabricator:  Imperial Ornamental Metal
  • GC:  Castle Building Group
  • Owner:  Taubman Prestige Outlets